Nature Day – (View at your own discretion)

Warning: The images you are about to see will make you want to through your laptop away and go into the nature 🙂

When it started, it didn’t seem like it was going to be the amazing day it was: it was cloudy and I had no plans for the day, except to go training with my gym buddy Hannah. We had a pretty tough session, and when we finally made it out of the gym at 1pm, I was shocked: It was sooooooooooooo sunny! And I had wasted about 50 minutes of sun by being indoors. I actually felt pretty bad for not having enjoyed those minutes of sunshine. To top it up, I got an MMS from Michelle with an amazing picture of the lake with a bright blue sky. I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I went back to my place, picked up my bicycle, and went for a bike ride around a natural reserve near my place. These are some of the pictures I took on the way there:


Pretty amazing, right?

When I got to the forest, I didn’t feel like following any paths so I picked up my bike and started climbing uphill, until I found a nice spot:


And decided to settle there for a few hours. Of course, I first had to walk around the area to make sure that I had picked the best spot…IMAG1454 IMAG1458

Sure it was.

So I took the top off and started the sun tanning session. This was the view from where I was lying:IMAG1487

After a while, I got a bit bored from all the sun and decided to take some funny pictures 😛


I texted Michelle my GPS location, and she came over, while I set up my hammock with great views. IMAG1532 - Copy IMAG1549

When the sun was starting to go down, we went for a forest walk and set up the hammock somewhere else. It was nice 🙂IMAG1589

By sunset, we found some nice rocks where we could watch it from:


It was incredible!

Also, the lake was half frozen, so the reflections of the sun were super powerful and bright. It felt like I was living on a dream bubble. And I still think I am, but that’s another story.

IMAG1603Oh man, nature is just so beautiful. Especially when you live in Sweden, since there is superduper cool spots all over the place. #StudyInSweden 😀


Written by Jesús

10 Mar 2015