The (Almost) Perfect Student Day + Philosophical Reflection on Life

Many people ask me what I do with my days, so I thought that I’d share it here 🙂 Also, rather than speeding through life, I thought I’d write a reflection on my take on life, which is at the end of this post.

Anyway, today was one of the best days that I’ve had this week… As you will see, it was just awesome.


When we woke up and looked out of the window, we could not believe how blue the sky looked. We had no choice but to go up, have a shower and tea, and go for a walk.



Went for an amazing 1h walk past some beaches and forest… It was so beautiful! Everything looked so sunny and it just felt like summer 😀


(btw, the line that you see on the lake is where the ice meets the liquid water.


Went cycling to the a park to meet up my friend Nina. We had just built a hammock and wanted to try it out, in addition to chilling for a bit 😀 We were so happy and excited that our prototype worked!



Went to university to have a class representative meeting. We gave important feedback on our class, in addition to having fun and getting provided with some tasty lunch. After the meeting, I stayed chatting with a couple of friends



Had a quick 10 minute bodyweight training on this free outdoor gym



Took my bicycle and went cycling for about 40 minutes through nice landscapes… I stopped by a really cool tower, but my destination was an island in the outskirts of Stockholm.



Had a quick but nice siesta, followed by some coffee with an amazing view… I’m so thankful and lucky that I can use my friend’s house when she is not there #SuperNicePerson!



Went down to the dock to fix my boat. Notice the poles sticking out of the mast…


…and fixed 😛



Took the stand up paddle and went for a nice relaxing paddle session.



Started cycling back to school, after feeding and petting the cats 🙂



Went to the student council dinner, which was a huge plate of supertasty sushi… I think I had a taste buds orgasm because it tasted amazing.



Since I am a member of the student council, I went to the monthly student council meeting. Luckily, this time it was short, since we finished at 10pm. (Some other times we finished at midnight…). I used the time to also do some university assignment at the same time 🙂 And I also designed some parts of a website, for a business that my friend and I are planning on starting 🙂



I wrote this blog post (until here) while sitting in the tube/metro 🙂


Evaluated my day, thinking about what was good and what I could improve, and planned the stuff that I want to do tomorrow.


Since I didn’t feel like sleeping, I started a new project called T*** Z***, just for fun. I’ll probably disclose the details on my next post… If I don’t get arrested 😀 It’s nothing mean or anything like that, it’s more like a social experiment 😀 hahahahha Just wait and see 😀 Give me a week!


Learned some swedish flashcards using Anki (I wrote about this in “The Ultimate Guide to Learn Swedish (for free!)“).


Check and answer facebook, emails, wrote the rest of this blog post and publishedit, before going to bed 😀

Philosophical Reflection on Life

Up until recently, I had built my life based on the future… Always doing things for “the future employer”, “the future job”, “my future”… But things have changed. I realized that we only have a couple of years left to live, and that it is a complete waste to spend our life doing boring things that we don’t care about. I mean, we are all going to die, so we might as well have an awesome life in the meantime, reaching for our dreams, rather than always being scared of something, preparing for the worst, worrying etc. So I decided to stop the worrying and start the dreaming 😀 And besides, that future never comes. The future is now to a very large degree. Sure, I’ll have some “insurance policies” (such as 3 Masters and 7 languages), but I’ll put the bulk of my effort on enjoying the present.

I understand that different people have different takes on life, and that is totally awesome! However, living by someone else’s standards is a waste of life. Do you want something? Go get it. Give it all and just don’t care 🙂 Have fun every day. Life is too short to be spent in the “safety” zone. The only sure thing is that you are going to die, no matter how safe you are. Is life measured in the number of breaths we take, or in the number of moments that take our breath away?

Time to go out there and live my/your dreams. Let’s do this.


Written by Jesús

26 Feb 2015