Feed Me! Eating in Sweden on a Budget

One of my good friends is a pretty good cook. Not only is he Italian, but he also loves feeding his friends with delicious food. If he’s not suggesting dinner parties then we’re begging him to cook for us. Of course I’m more than willing to be looked after – we eat quite well for being students.

Since we’re well into winter, one’s greatest comfort is food. With so many large supermarkets dotted around Uppsala, you’re not far from one if you suddenly crave a kinder egg in the middle of studying. Food’s not too badly priced either if you know where to shop. People often think Sweden is incredibly expensive but when I compare prices with what I used to pay in England, they rarely differ (apart from the alcohol of course). Shop wisely, cook at home and you’ll save a lot, it doesn’t need to be expensive to live here.

Last Friday, we had home-made burgers, my, my, my, they were good. Davide insisted that we only needed to mix the cheese with the mince but while he wasn’t looking, I jabbed my finger into each one and filled each burger with a load of cheese. After that, I didn’t really contribute since the work was best left to the chef so I sat and drank wine and scrolled through Eurovision videos on YouTube with Klara.

 photo SAM_0480_zps308038e1.jpg
Here we go…

 photo SAM_0482_zpse8c2e14d.jpg
Busy at work – do not disturb

 photo SAM_0483_zps2b8d06d5.jpg
He sure is, minus the hazmat suit.

 photo SAM_0487_zps4feb37cd.jpg

 photo SAM_0492_zps030bab2a.jpg
…add a little side

 photo SAM_0499_zps26fa0525.jpg
Done! Bon Appétit.

Here’s his blog post for the recipe

Oh and if you’re wondering why I have flowers in my cover photo, no I don’t eat flowers but I got them at the weekend and they’re gorgeous so I stuck them up there… why not!


Written by Francesca

20 Feb 2015