The advent of ‘Swedish Institute – Local NFGL Chapters’

The Swedish Institute (SI) is one of the most well-known organizations to all the students here in Sweden. Famously known for administering the different Study Scholarships, SI is also heavily engaged in cultural, exchange, educational and many other activities that stretches beyond geographical boundaries. Students who have come here to study and are have been granted their prestigious scholarships, are offered to be members of the largest network of scholarship holders in Sweden – known as the Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL). It provides the unprecedented opportunity to meet, network and collaborate with all the brilliant minds coming from various parts of the globe to achieve a common purpose – becoming a leader to build a better future!

On a recent announcement, SI introduced a new idea that will take NFGL to new heights. The concept was basically to diffuse NFGL across all the Swedish universities, so that it may have its own local association with an authorized body. One of the many advantages of it was that NFGL could now focus on creating a local network, more cohesive and strong in nature that will utilize its own authority and collaboration with the host university, local organizations and SI to strengthen the network for current and future scholarship holders to come. As a result, SI had called for the organizing of each chapter’s own local events, based on various important themes like career/entrepreneurship, sustainability, ICT development, Human rights and many more.

After the local governing bodies had been formed, event proposals were sent to SI from various universities to be shortlisted. Once SI had assessed the applications, approvals were given to go ahead with the events. Moreover, SI also generously provided funding for these events to the shortlisted universities so that they are organized smoothly, ensuring good quality and outcome. Some events have already been held in Lund, Uppsala and more are to be held in Linnaeus, Malmö and others. All in all, it is expected that such local events, which would be open for NFGL members from all corners in Sweden, would boost knowledge, network, synergy and collaboration among them, paving way for advent of new ideas and thoughts that may very well change the course of our future.

Want to be a part of NFGL and discover endless opportunities? Apply to Sweden and for the scholarship programs and all that awaits you is a brighter future!


Written by Redwan

13 Feb 2015