My 1st Cheerleading Competition…

Because of this, We should all try out new stuff and activities, no matter how crazy or daunting they might seem. Personal growth comes from facing these challenges, regardless of their actual outcome. And a cool thing about living in Stockholm is that there are thousands of mini-challenges to tackle. One of my most recent ones was joining my university’s cheerleading team! 😀


I can remember the first practice that we had all together… It was just so funny! I found myself doing all those girlie moves with the hips, and doing some dances that I’d never thought I’d do! 😀 I kind of discovered how much fun it actually is to dance all together to one song, doing the same moves at the same time. It’s a pretty cool feeling!

Anyway, we didn’t practice 1-2 times a week during over 2 months for nothing… We had an objective in mind! We were preparing ourselves for the Euromasters’ Cheerleading competition near Koblenz, Germany. Euromasters is a large competition in which students from almost 20 of the top business schools in Europe meet to have different sports competitions in volleyball, football, basketball, cheerleading, running, rowing etc.


The competition spanned over the whole weekend (Thursday PM – Sunday AM), but we only performed our routine on Saturday afternoon, which left us all the rest of the time to have fun and to cheer for the other sport teams that were representing the Stockholm School of Economics. In the nights, there were crazy theme parties with all the students that were participating in the competition, in a really fun atmosphere. I kinda felt like the boss, dancing with the Swedish cheerleading team! 😀

Fast forward to the end, we didn’t win the competition, but we did have a lot of fun! Before the results were announced, all the mascots were summoned to have a wrecking ball fight… And since I’m quite sporty, I got chosen to be the SSE’s mascot! Basically, the mascots were placed on 4 different mini-podiums on a inflatable castle, and they had to try to make the other mascots fall by throwing a wrecking ball against them.


(I’m the bull, which is the official mascot for SSE’s sport teams) 😀 And just for the record, I won the mascot competition 😀


All in all, this weekend was totally awesome, filled with really cool and outgoing people from all over Europe, and surrounded with a super energetic atmosphere 🙂 The most annoying thing from the whole weekend was that we had to leave the party too early (3am) to catch our flight a couple of hours later, and I was having just too much fun!

The following weekend, we also cheered for SSE’s American Football team, the Handels Traders, on their match against Uppsala. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but we put on a nice dance performance anyway!

10245567_10152763066466760_7080040968556217093_n (1)

At the end, despite all the fun, I realized that Cheerleading wasn’t my true passion in life… 😛 So I guess that I’ll just have to keep on exploring! 😀


Written by Jesús

12 Dec 2014