Traffic directly proportional to sunlight!

Weird heading, isn’t it?

Not really. Even though you haven’t ever come across this absurd type of relationship or logic, trust me, it’s evident in everyday life in Sweden.

So this is how it goes. Apart from the mid-year summer sunshine, the beautiful scorching light that is compact with a lot of vitamins for happiness, you would be lucky to see them during the winter times here – and that too for a prolonged period of time. This makes a lot of Swedes complain about how gloomy or ‘depressing’ it is and that how boring it gets. And as a student here, who had just arrived few months back, I must say I conform to them. This is why Swedes often like to party a lot during weekends because that is probably their most convenient source of enjoyment. However, I heard things get worse when it starts to snow. Haven’t been there yet personally, but I am not too sure if I want to now!

But hey, there is some good news too. Recently, the sun has been out for a couple of days and the sunlight has successfully hit the ground! And guess what happened next? Perhaps every single person in the city of Växjö came out to the street to enjoy this rare period of ‘enlightenment’! I did the same too. Took my cycle and decided to go round the city and while doing so, noticed high amount of traffic on the road. Not to mention the restaurants, stations, pubs were all buzzing with people – nothing like I have seen earlier in this quiet town of Växjö.

And so, I put on my thinking cap and formulated this genius (ok don’t laugh!) equation. I win! *grin*


Written by Redwan

30 Nov 2014