Exams over? Bored at home? Just travel!

Studying in Sweden can be challenging. Though the structure of the academic curriculum is very dynamic, flexible and focus-oriented, there are actually a lot of work to do – group work, weekly submissions, assignments and of course, reading tons of academic publications. However, once you get used to the tune of this daily method of studying and doing well, you can find ample time to give yourself a break and do something different.

One of the best things, on that note, you can do here in Sweden is travel around. This is an amazingly beautiful country and yes, you can take me or anyone living here as your source. There are many places of attractions to visit or even if you aren’t that much aware of it, travelling to various cities in various parts of Sweden would equally be a smart idea. Being here for 3 months now, I visited Stockholm, Linköping and Göteborg for short trip and must say, it has been well-taken decision on my part. Each city had something striking to offer with its picturesque locations, cultural essence and different Swedish language dialect. I do understand that initially, it might be tough to come out of your comfort zone and visit places that you never have been to, but a deep breath, calm your nerves and just book the tickets – it isn’t rocket science!

I could also suggest travelling with your friends or classmates which will only enrich your experience. Not only will you and they have an amazing time but that constant nag of uncertainty in your mind will be erased too. Now you must be wondering, ‘well that is good but how do I make time’? Let me tell you, one good thing about Swedish higher education system is that you can always get your work done effectively and within a short time frame if you follow the instructions provided for each task. Another trick is to meet with your group members more frequently and coordinate to accomplish your assignments. This will give more free time to you and them and rest assured, not many would complain about it.

So now you have managed few days to take a trip somewhere. What now? Nothing much. If you got a bank account, just check and book the tickets online otherwise you can do it from your nearest train station. And then pack up your travel bag and off you go! The transportation system is extremely convenient in Sweden and follows its schedule strictly. And if you are wondering, you won’t get lost either – so don’t worry!

‘And where do I go’?

That’s easy! Find a list of places and cities to visit in Sweden and do a ‘ini mini maini moe, catch a tiger by the toe’! (Erm, well I just made that up!)


Written by Redwan

21 Nov 2014