Swedish Nature – Stockholm Archipelago

A few weeks ago, when I woke up one morning in Luxembourg, I suddenly realized how much I missed Sweden!! I missed that complete freedom of being able to go out and explore the vast amounts of nature with friends. Perhaps ever more, I missed sleeping under the stars, floating on the calm waters of the Stockholm archipelago.

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I had the urgent feeling that I needed to leave and seek some new adventures… So I bought the cheapest ticket towards the north that I could find, posted about this upcoming adventure on Facebook, and 36 hours later I was sailing on my sailing boat with a couple of Swedish friends. This is one amazing thing about Sweden: The fact that people grow up surrounded by nature in this beautiful country makes that people are really open and willing to go on exciting and fun outdoor adventures.

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So, anyway, I picked up my friends by the harbour and we went off sailing around the Archipelago for a couple of days… It was so exciting, and we had a really good time sailing around the hundreds of islands for a couple of days, anchoring and parking the boat near some cool beaches that we could swim to, or discovering new uninhabited islands.

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Another great thing about the Stockholm archipelago is that it is really close to the city, and very easily accessible. There are plenty of public transport boats connecting the different islands and the people who live in them, so it is really easy to just hop on one of them and go explore some cool islands! And thanks to the Allemansrätten, you can camp almost anywhere without asking for permission!IMG_0116 (1280x960)

You’d actually be surprised of how cheap sailing boats are around here! And even if you are not considering buying one, the fact that so many Swedish people have sailing boats means that if you ask your Swedish friends, you’ll most likely be able to go sailing with them, which is so much fun! And try to spend at least one night on the water… The sunsets are just so beautiful!

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Written by Jesús

03 Oct 2014