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There is an egalitarianism of ideas that is unique to the Swedish educational system.

David Isaak, Lund University


Sweden has one of the most creative and tolerant cultures.

Iryna Mikhnovets, Linnaeus University


Sweden emphasises values, learning by doing and innovative thinking.

Mala Chakraborti, Stockholm School of Economics


I studied micro-technology at a world-leading university.

Abhilash Ram, Chalmers University of Technology

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Meet @SwedeninKSA @uppsalauni @lunduniversity @linneuni @karolinskainst @Stockholm_Uni and @NextChalmers in Riyadh:


Enjoy a good Swedish book in the sun (or hide out from the rain, depending on your location)! Here are's editors' top ten: What are your favourite Swedish books and authors?


Life in Stockholm after spring arrives

Solen skiner! Glad påsk allihopa! These are the days that Sweden becomes warmer every passing day and we try to use every opportunity to throw ourselves under the sun. The spring days in Stockholm are just elegant. The positive energy in the air is captured by everyone lives in Sweden. They become open for experiencing [...]

Qianyun Ye

The list of Swedish Institute scholarship recipients is now available at Congratulations to all recipients!


There's lots going on up north! Check out Jonathan's latest blog post on concerts and carpentry in Umeå.


Umeå Open 2014 & wood workshop.

Spring is well and truly here. The ice on the river is a distant memory, a few of the hardier plants can be seen sprouting, the sun has even – just occasionally – come out and made it possible to lunch outside and enjoy oneself, not freeze. However, let us catch up on the last [...]

Jonathan Davies


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