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Happy start of term! Today marks the beginning of the autumn semester here in Sweden. We wish you an academic year that's just like this photo from KTH Royal Institute of Technology's welcome week: full of new friends, totally international and at least partially taking place in a beautiful, historical building :) (This one's the Stockholm City Hall!)


Working In Sweden

In response to many questions I have been emailed I decided to write a blog on working in Stockholm and Sweden itself. I, and Adeeb have been Vlogging all summer and we have done some Vlogs on this subject matter based on our experiences. Please watch the Vlogs below. I hope this helped.

Andrew McDonnell

We're on summer holiday and will answer your questions after 21/7. In the meantime, visit for advice! Glad sommar!


Study in the north of Sweden (maybe at Umeå University or LTU Master Programmes) and you might see the Northern Lights your first week here!


My Favourite and Least Favourite things in Stockholm!

This is quite a self explanatory post all about my favourite and least favourite things in and around Stockholm! I have created this post through my Vlogs at separate times. I must admit I have many things which I just love about Stockholm and must say that to think of the least favourite things I [...]

Andrew McDonnell


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Sweden emphasises values, learning by doing and innovative thinking.

Mala Chakraborti, Stockholm School of Economics


Thanks to my Swedish education, I've found my dream job.

Murat Görür, Linköping University


Studying in Sweden trains you to apply knowledge globally.

Olive Maitha, Umeå University


There is an egalitarianism of ideas that is unique to the Swedish educational system.

David Isaak, Lund University


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