Educational consultants

It’s pretty easy to apply to study with us. But if you need help, you can hire an educational consultant for extra support. And that’s okay with us. 🙌

Okay, so it might take a little bit of time to get all your documents together and your application sent in. But it’s more than possible to do everything by yourself. And the university you’re applying to is always there to help. As is ↗️

But we get it. You might feel more comfortable getting some help. And you can work with an educational agent if you want. That’s totally fine with us. Just keep a few things in mind.

Use an approved consultant. We really recommend this.

Why? Approved consultants – with official agreements with Swedish universitites – have the right know-how to guide you through the application proces. They can help you choose the right programme, inform you about entry requirements, tuition fees, and scholarships. So basically, they’ll keep you on track through the entire process. And this makes it so much easier. 😌

Some Swedish universities work with educational consultants. Some don’t. Here’s a list of Swedish universities that have taken a stance on consultants.

Don’t see the university you’re interested in? Contact them directly to check.

Some charge, some don’t.

Make sure you know exactly what’s included in their services. Always check the fine print. And if they charge a fee, be sure to find out exactly what is ✔️ – and isn’t  – included.

Watch out for shady consultants. 🕵🏾‍♂️

We’ve heard some bad stories about dodgy agents. Who’ve scammed applicants out of money. So be careful. Unsure about a consultant? You’re always welcome to contact the university you’re applying to.