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Educational consultants

It is perfectly possible to apply by yourself. But if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can hire a consultant for extra support.

As a prospective student, you can get help from an educational consultant to navigate the application process. An educational consultant (or agent) is an actor in your country who knows a lot about the Swedish higher education system and the application process. However, you do not have to work with them to get admitted to a Swedish university!

Applying by yourself

It is perfectly possible to apply to a Swedish university by yourself, without the help of a consultant. The majority of international students successfully complete the application process on independently.

If you need some help with the application process, you can always contact or the university you’re interested in.

Whether you apply by yourself or through a consultant, your application will always be treated the same. Swedish universities base their acceptance decision on the quality of your application alone.

Help from a consultant

If you do choose to work with an educational consultant, they can help make your journey to studying in Sweden easier. Among other things, consultants can:

• Officially represent certain Swedish universities in your country
• Provide information about degree programmes and help you choose the right one
• Provide information about tuition fees and scholarships
• Provide information about entry requirements
• Guide you through the application process
• Tell you more about visa requirements

Some consultants offer their services for free, others charge a fee. Always make sure you ask in advance whether you will need to pay a fee.

Approved consultants

Several Swedish universities have signed cooperation agreements with international educational consultants they trust and regularly work with. Before you use any consultant, please always check whether the university you want to apply to has signed an agreement with the consultant! If there is no agreement in place, it is probably better to apply by yourself.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of Swedish universities that have taken a stance on consultants. If the university of your choice is not included in this list, contact the university directly to check with them.

Chalmers University of Technology has approved certain consultants.
Dalarna University has approved certain consultants.
• Karolinska Institutet has not approved any consultants.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology has approved certain consultants.
Linköping University has approved certain consultants.
Linnaeus University has approved certain consultants.
Lund University has approved certain consultants.
• Stockholm University has not approved any consultants.
• The University of Gothenburg has not approved any consultants.
The University of Skövde has approved certain consultants.
Uppsala University has approved certain consultants.

Keep in mind

Be careful: there are shady agents out there who may try to scam you, or who may be involved in people-smuggling. When in doubt, contact the university you’re applying to.

In the end, you are still personally responsible for your application. If you fail to get admitted to university in Sweden, you cannot blame this on a consultant you worked with.

Make sure you yourself have access to your account on, as the university you applied to may send you important information there.

The Swedish Migration Agency deals with residence permits for studies and visas. They will always be able to help you, for free. We recommend you do not use any consultants to obtain your residence permit.


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