Snow in Lund – The “Beast from the East” has arrived


Written by Lara

01 Mar 2018

When you think of spending the winter in Sweden what ideas come to your mind? Well, in my Brazilian mindset, there was a big expectation of getting snow, a lot of snow!

But I did my research and I knew Lund was not the best place to experience the Swedish snow wonderland, due to its geographic location and typical weather, which is cold, wet and not snow friendly 🙂

Anyways, I kept hoping to see a lot of snow and although we had some white moments it was never enough to cover the streets and everything would melt in 2 hours maximum.

Then, February came and brought the sun with it and I was super happy with it, but a little frustrated because I knew the snow would not come anymore. I thought it was too late!

However, an unexpected event happened: The so-called “Beast from the East” arrived, bringing unusually freezing weather for this time of year.  And most importantly, it brought a lot of snow to Lund!

Even though it is super cold right now – I am writing this post while the thermometers are marking -9 Celsius with a real feel of -19 Celsius – I can’t deny I love love loooove it!

Yes, my friends, Sweden managed to surprise me once again with magical moments and I will share the pictures with you. Hope you enjoy them get as excited and in love with the snow as I am!

Those were taken at the Stortorget, an important and central square in Lund, where the Rådhus is and a place that you will enjoy a lot when you come here!

There are many stores, bars, cafes and important spots around it, and it is a perfect place to enjoy the good weather – and also the snow!

Lunds Cathedral is just a short walk from the Stortoget and that was my next stop yesterday. Look how pretty it looks covered in snow, such a magical scenario.

If you loved the previous pictures, wait to see the ones from the University area, where the main and historic buildings are located…pure perfection.

During my walk, I realized how happy everyone was for having the chance to experience such a beautiful and unique moment in Lund.

People ignored the freezing temperatures to enjoy this winter wonderland playing with the snow, taking pictures or just strolling around. It was such a nice atmosphere!

The city gets even more beautiful and charming and I couldn’t fight falling in love more and more with the place I now call home in Sweden.

I really enjoyed seeing Lund all covered in snow and I hope you are able to experience such magical moments while living here. You might be cold outside, but I guarantee your heart will be warm!


Written by Lara

01 Mar 2018