Lessons from #SnowProblems 2.0

It’s November, the time of the year when we wish Fall doesn’t end, and winter doesn’t start. But like it or not, Winter is here! It has started snowing in the northern part of Sweden already ( Read Carolyn post to see the snow in the northern mountains)  and in many places the temperatures have started falling !

Last year at this exact time, I wrote a post about getting ready for winter, and it had already started snowing in Stockholm by then, so this year winter is a little late. ( This should make me happy, but as an environmental engineering I know that the effects of climate change and global warming and becoming too real.)

This post is going to a collection of all the #Snowproblems I faced last year! This blog is inspired from Angelina’s blog post – Winter lessons from #snowproblems

So here are some of the lessons I leant.

  1. Eat healthy
    Winter time makes everyone lazy(er). We all tend to wake up late, miss that 8 am class, and we feel uninspired when the sun doesn’t come out. But the worst thing you can get lazy about is food. When it’s snowing outside, hunger levels fall. But remember that you HAVE to eat healthy during this point. Otherwise you’re going to feel extra tired, and without proper nourishment you’ll end up not being productive.
  2. Vitamin D and Calcium tablets
    No matter what, even if you have super healthy bones, you’re going to need supliments in the winter. In Sweden, winter doesn’t mean just a lot of ice and snow, it also means no sunlight. So when there’s a lack of sunlight for around 6 months, you are going to need to take supplements to keep yourself strong. But it’s also important for your mental health. A lack of vitamin D and calcium can lead to reduction in happiness levels.
  3. Lights
    Buy yourself some pretty lights, candles etc. It not only makes a good room decor, but also adds light to your environment. There’s around 5-6 hours of sunlight during winter, so you need to light up your room and surroundings to create a bright, happy environment.

  4. Walking
    If you’re like me, and moved from a place where there is no ice and snow, you’re going to have to learn to walk again. Yeah, you read that right. Walking normally on an ice road is going to be tricky, you might end up falling on your behind some (many) times.
    So walking like a penguin helps, like Angelina suggests.
    Here are some other do’s and dont’s about walking on ice.
  5. Spikes on shoes
    If you are extra clumsy , then you need extra protection. So you can buy additional spikes and add them to your boots.
  6. Bikes
    You might have seen a lot of picutres of bikes being covered in ice and snow in Sweden. This is very common here. So if you have a bike and you have to park it outside, make sure you have a bike cover. They are easy to clean!
  7. Umbrella 
    Last year, it had already started snowing by this time of the year, but this year, there are some pretty heavy rains. So make sure you always carry an umbrella.
  8. Don’t trust your weather forecast
    Please just dont trust the forecast. Always have your cap, your boots, gloves and an umbrella with you.
    Are there any #Snowproblems that you faced ? If so , let me know in the comments!May the Force be with you, because Winter is coming! 

    -Your Swedesi Seafarer signing off 🙂 


Written by Supritha

03 Nov 2017