Crayfish Party 101

Another post about crayfish party! After Raghu and Dena shared their experience in this Swedish tradition I think you have some pictures already on how this party would be, but what should you do if you get an invitation to a Kräftskiva hosted by your friend? What are the norms here in accepting an invitation and attending an event? Based on my recent experience, this knowledge of mine is shared with you to prevent an awkward culture shock:

1. Let the host know if you’re coming or not

This is especially important for a dinner where they need to fix the amount of chair and cutleries available. Also, it would be nice for them to know how many people that they are expecting so they can prepare the adequate amount of food for the feast if this is the case. (Take a look at the moon face decoration, they said it is the typical decoration)

2. Make sure whether or not you should bring your own food and drink

Perhaps in where you come from it is the common rule for the host to provide the guest with the meal, snack, and drink – but not here! Before thing gets awkward at D-day, it is always better to ensure about this matter in advance so you can prepare them (if you need to).

3. Know the basic stuff

Crayfish party always have some bread, Västerbottenostpaj and of course crayfish with dill. In case your diet preference and allergy forbid you to eat seafood, gluten, and dairies then it is nice to bring the dish that you can have. Moreover, get ready to sing a song in the middle of the feast because that is the whole point of this tradition – sing and skål!

4. Enjoy the new experience

Isn’t this is the reason why you are coming to the crayfish party? Don’t worry about looking like a fool not knowing how to open and eat crayfish, ask the person next to you or in front of you (read: your new friends). Don’t speak Swedish or know any of the songs? A songbook usually provided, if not, mimic whatever voice and melodies the others are doing.

You should have a crayfish party at least once in your lifetime because why not?


Written by Sania

03 Sep 2017