Images of Stockholm

Sooo, after living in the capital of Sweden for two months, I’ve managed to get some cool pictures to share! Stockholm consists of several islands, connected by bridges, so the sea is literally everywhere. It’s been really beautiful now when it’s summer, but I’m sure it’ll be as pretty during the fall and winter. And I can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms next spring. I hope you enjoy my pictures and some fun facts.

Slussen is an area on the Söderström river, connecting Södermalm to Gamla stan.
Details of the royal palace. ?

The old part of the city: Gamla stan was built from the 13th century onward. It’s still considered the heart of Stockholm and is definitely the most popular part to visit when in Stockholm.

Gamla stan has many narrow streets with interesting shops and restaurants.
Hammarby sjöstad is part of the city, built around the Hammarby lake.
I’ve taken a few walks at Liljeholmen, it’s really nice!
Gröna Lund, the oldest amusement park in Sweden. It’s also famous for being a popular concert venue.
Kungsträdgården (King’s Garden) is one of the parks in Stockholm. It was originally closed from the public, but opened for them in the late 16th century. Sometime during April-May it’s filled with cherry blossoms.
Another shot of Kungsträdgården
Stockholm’s subway system is famous for having art painted along its walls. But it’s also on many buildings in the city! This one is located near Slussen.

Written by Leonilla

23 Aug 2017