Cycling in Sweden: The Essentials.

Recently I got my hands on a bicycle (thanks Baptiste for giving me your bicycle) which I had to fix first to be able to start cycling. Nothing too complicated, just changing the tube of the rear wheel and putting everything back together and voila! Once it was done, I decided to start cycling to school (or at least I would try to commute to school by bike once a week and gradually do it more often).

After my first ride, I realized how much I missed during the past months, before coming to Sweden my plan was to invest my money on a bicycle rather than using the bus or tram (don’t get me wrong, public transport in here is amazing), but I never did.

I’m no expert or anything like that, but this is what I’ve learned so far from a few rides and some research. I compiled everything on a infographic.

Here it is:

People cycle everywhere, even if the weather is not helping at all you will see people on the streets riding their bicycles, of course during the winter you’ll see less cyclists, but still a bunch of people commutes by bike. I hope you guys liked the infographic and feel free to leave your tips for commuting by bike on the comments!



Written by Andrés

19 Jun 2017