It’s “Sprinter”☃

It’s almost mid May and it’s still snowing in a lot of places in Sweden. I live in Stockholm, we had a few bright and sunny days in the recent past, but it’s been snowing pretty heavily for the past couple of days here. So today, amidst the snowfall, I mustered all my will power to go to class (Believe me,I debated with myself for 15 minutes if I should leave my warm and toasty bed and go to class or not, but, being the nerd that I am, I eventually decided to go), and saw that all my classmates were feeling the same way. And then we joked about the Swedish Spring, had a good laugh and all of us felt a little better. Laughter is sometimes, truly the best medicine.

So here are a few memes and jokes on the Swedish Spring! 😀 I hope this gives you the chuckles and your day gets a little better too!

What do people usually do in Spring?

Lets hope that it gets warmer soon! Till then enjoy Sprinter! or like Phineas and Ferb call it, Swinter! 😀 

So for now, let’s stay calm and await the sunshine 🙂

-For now, your Swe-desi seafarer signing off! 🙂 


Written by Supritha

10 May 2017