Time to prepare to move to Sweden- Part 2: Shopping for Sweden

So now that you’ve got your admits and have done all the post-admission process, it’s time to go shopping! Moving to a different country,  as exciting it is, it’s quite a scary process as well. I remember this time last year, I was so anxious about shopping and packing. What should I take? What will I need? Did I miss anything important?

Well, with this post (and this series), I will try my best to help you, and make your moving process a little less stressful! Consider this series as your guide to moving to Sweden.

If you’re like me, moving to a Scandinavian country for the first time, then there’s quite a lot to know about before you go shopping.

  1. Winter isn’t just coming, it’s permanent residence is here in Sweden!

    The south of Sweden isn’t too cold, and the north of Sweden is colder than most places. If you are coming from a predominantly warm country (like me), then you need to know that even spring and autumn here in Sweden, especially in central and northern Sweden, is quite cold. So, you need to buy a set of winter clothes before you head up North!
    – Winter jacket
    -Hoodie sweaters
    -Winter socks
    -An umbrella
    -Light boots.

    Read more about winter essentials here.
    You can move to Sweden and buy more, depending on your needs and the place you’re moving to. But, carrying a set of cold climate clothes is mandatory.
  2. The best kind of shopping is food shopping!

    You get a lot of good food and all basic vegetables and groceries in Sweden. But for those of us who come from a country that adds more spice and flavour in our food, remember that you do have some stores here in Sweden, especially in Stockholm, where you get Indian, Chinese and spices from other parts of the world. But such shops are quite less. As a student, you might be cooking most of your meals, and that means you might require your traditional spices, so try to bring small packets (or big, based on your requirement) of spices and such. You might also need to buy your traditional pots, pans and other utensils for cooking that might be popular in your country, but not in Sweden.
  3. There’s no such thing as too many clothes!

    Shopping for clothes is a must before you head to a new country. Wearing a winter jacket outside, with shorts and a summer T shirt inside serves no purpose. Make sure you get yourself some nice toasty warm clothes. Of course, you can come to Sweden and buy everything you need here, but it’s always good to carry a few from home. Hoodies, long sleeves, sturdy jeans etc are some of the essentials.
  4. Gizmos and Gadgets!

    You will need a laptop, a phone, a hard disk, a USB pen drive. You might already have these.But remember, your country’s socket could be different from Sweden’s. So buy an adapter. I also suggest buying a spike buster (extension cord) since you might require multiple portals to connect multiple devices. Also, ensure that you have or get an international warranty for your important devices.
  5. Look good, feel good!

    It gets quite cold in winters and you need to put an extra effort to take care of your skin and health. Buy a good skin care regime kit. You will need moisturisers, cold cream, lip balm, and such. Also if you use oil to take care of your hair, or other products like that, bring them with you when you come from your hometown. You will get all skin care products and such here, but if you are used to buying certain products or brands at home, or if you have any conditions, please buy those from home before you come to Sweden. Also, vitamin tablets are a must. Buy all other medicines you need as well. Remember to get a doctor’s prescription though, as you might not be allowed to carry your medicines across borders without a prescription.
  6. Insignificant but significant! 

    We all have those small things that we use everyday, but forget to remember!..like those small hariclips, cosmetics, our favourite pens, earphones, and such. So, I suggest you make a personalised shopping list of all the things YOU need. Think hard, and make a mental map of all the things that you consider important for your everyday life.

I hope this list helped you! If you have any questions about the moving process, or any other doubts, send an email to me, or any of the other digital ambassadors! Our email ID’s are mentioned in our blog page!

Keep looking at this space for more updates and tips about moving to Sweden.

-For now, you Swe-Desi Seafarer signing off! 🙂


Written by Supritha

03 May 2017