Master in Communication Series Part 4: What am I actually studying?

Spring is here, as Supritha would say (by the way, check out her last post)! However, sun and flowers go along with something else, too. Another period of courses and lectures has started. To be precise, new courses. At least regarding my Master’s Programme in Communication at the University of Gothenburg.

Still don’t remember what I mean by saying the word ‘communication’ and what kind of Programme I’ve been attending? As usual, no worries: you’ll find everything here.

The course I’d like to talk about this time, is called Communication technology. As you can guess by the course title, the relation between communication and different kinds of technologies is the main focus.

Probably, human beings have never experienced such a huge range of technologies in their relative brief history on this planet. Yes, thousands of years ago our ancestors were able to make up a great amount of useful tools, or build majestic buildings; or organize the first written linguistic systems. However, in the last century at least, humans have reached such a high level in terms of technology, capable also to alter (positively?) the way how they interact among each others, and the way how they live.

The Communication technology course has just started, and it looks like one of the most interesting we as a class could have expected. The aim of the course is to provide us with theoretical and practical tools in order to better understand the reality shaped by technology, when it comes to the field of communication. How much can technology influence our lives nowadays? Are we really aware of the reach it has in every single aspect that features our daily routines?

Thanks to this course, we will be able to analyse and discuss the relation between the different communication technologies and the historical periods, as well as being able to break down the underlying relation between technology and communication. Of course, when it comes to this sort of combination, one can’t help but thinking to their close connection to the way how humans build organizations, and plan social activities. Moreover, the tools provided in the course will guide us to discover how technologies can be shaped, and how humans can get the most out of them, especially in particular cases of communication, such as communication disorders.

In the very last lecture, our amazing lecturer told us about the importance of meetings nowadays. Probably we take them for granted, but do you know how in fact they have changed over the course of the last decades? And how many dynamics may occur during one of your meetings with your fellow students or friends? Have you ever thought about that?

I’m looking forward to going through this course more and more. And I will try to keep you updated!

A presto

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Written by Francesco

02 Apr 2017