Why Sweden?

Since we are in late March, the letters of invitation began to be sent to students receiving acceptance from Swedish universities. Undoubtedly, students seeking alternative programs and countries for their master studies have applied to different universities in more than one country and have also begun to receive acceptance from other universities outside Sweden. In this case, it may be necessary to answer the question of why you should choose Sweden. Although the question is fairly simple, the answer will affect you at least two years, that’s why I am here to help you!

Here are some blog posts written before that will motivate you to do your master in Sweden:

Without any hesitation, financing your studies is the most significant concern every international student has in their minds. Here is a list consisting of costs of a bunch of stuffs required for a decent student life. From a liter of milk to gym membership, all of necessary costs are listed according to SEK, Euro which will make you more comfortable while arranging budgets.

Candies are everywhere. Be prepare to get some weight while you are living here! Swedes love to eat every kind of pastry and candies during and between courses, meetings and meals. An Average Swede consumes 16 kg of candy per year. Beside candies, pastries and all kind of desserts are conquering your tables!

Swedes love all forms of art and you will find ones of the most sophisticated and comprehensive exhibitions and culture events all around the country. Knot Violence is just an example of Swedish art perspective which inspired millions of people, organization including the UN.

This is another blog post I have posted showing how important street art is in Sweden. Walls around the cities are used as canvas for street artists who want to express their passions and talents!

Since Swedes love candies, they have to work out! Honestly, Stockholm is, by far, the most suitable capital for doing outdoor sports! Other cities also offer woods and lakes you may enjoy being outside with significant others, friends and classmates! Even though, winter is long and a little bit cold, there is no reason to avoid being outside!

One last Thing…

If you are still confused about your choices, please read other blog posts and witness to experiences other International students have had! Sweden is waiting for you! With thousands of surprise and charm!

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

28 Mar 2017