Time to prepare to move to Sweden- Part 1: Post-admission process.

The results for admission for the Fall batch of 2017 is out ! Congrats to everyone who’s gotten their admit letter to study in Sweden! And i know most of you must be overwhelmed! There’s so much to prepare for and look forward to! 😀

Here are some important things that you need to know at this juncture!

Admission acceptance deadline: You need to accept your offer to keep your place in the Swedish University that you have been offered an admission to. If you admission status is ‘reserve’, you still need to accept the offer to keep your place in the waiting list. You can do this by clicking here. 

Scholarship applicants: If you have applied for the Si scholarship, and qualified for the first round, the results of the second round will be out on April 10th 2017.  Keep an eye out for that!

Fee payment: Non-EU students. Pay your fees for the 1st semester once you get the invoice and other details form your University. Remember to do is as soon as possible, since you need to pay your fees before you start the application for your residence permit.

Accommodation search: If you are a fee paying student, some universities like KTH offer guaranteed accommodations for international students. If the university that you have been admitted to does not guarantee accommodation, don’t fret. There are a lot of ways you can arrange this. Read some of our blog posts on accommodations- here

Excited about moving to Sweden and have a lot of questions?
Read our student blogs to know about life as a student in Sweden! If you have any questions, you can email any of the student ambassadors.

Congrats once again! Take it all in and enjoy the moment and get ready for your new journey! I will be posting more in this series (about things you need to know, about accommodations, about packing and shopping before you come here etc) to help you prepare for coming to Sweden! So check this space for more information in the upcoming weeks!

For now, your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off! 🙂 


Written by Supritha

25 Mar 2017