Stockholm: A Burger Paradise

Who serves Stockholm’s best burgers? I have tested four hot spots for you! Are you ready for drooling over?

Generally speaking, burgers are just fantastic. Yet if you are like me and you are really in search of Stockholm’s best burgers, this is an irreplaceable guide.

I am trying to have a healthy routine when it comes to what I eat and what I do. That’s why this guide comes with a price: As I do, you should also be prepared to do some sports after tasting these options. The list bases on my explorations around the town by going around to the four of Stockholm’s hottest and most buzztalked burger restaurants. I have tested the most known burgers of the venues, I have drunken the most sold ones, that’s why the list represents the rastaurant’s menu quite well.

To be more analytical, I have decided focusing on 5 parameters which would make sense when comparing:

The venue, Location, The bread, The meat, Dressing

Even though, I don’t want to create a scale, the restaurants are listed according to my taste from the least best to the best. Here we go:


Phil’s Burger has made a quick success among fast-food enthusiasts and are now available at several locations in Stockholm. The focus is of course burgers; it is homemade – from the bread to the dressing.

A original Phil’s Burger burger costs just under a hundred kronor, and the lunch includes twin crispy fried french fries and a reasonably coleslaw. The meat is substantial and juicy with a crispy crackling sound, and if you want a double burger costs 50 kr extra.


The first step of Flippin Burger was a food truck that began to roll on the streets of Stockholm in the late 2015. Since then it has gone straight up, and they won silver on Stockholm Burger Fest 2016. it is not hard to see why.

On the gorgeous design, the food truck is not served full-sized burgers, but small sliders. These mini burger consists of two meat pucks at 50 grams, cheese, fried onions and their own pickles. They also serve french fries and soft drink from the craft. The price is equally good – 55 SEK for a double slider with 100 grams of meat.


Vasastan has long been one of the best areas to visit if you are looking for a good burger in Stockholm. This means that the competition here is fierce, and so I became curious when I saw Ben & Sam’s spot around other highly buzzed burger places such as Flippin ‘Burgers and Franky’s.

The refurbished room has a stylish and well-designed, it remains me a butcher’s shop. I have a cheeseburger – 115 Kr- and the result was marvelous.

The Burger was well presented and had good proportions to be eaten with the hands. The bread, which is baked in their own kitchen I assume, was delightfully fluffy and brushed with grease. The meat was seared medium-rare with a nice surface, juiciness and beef flavor. The pickled onions, cheese and dressing collaborated well together.


RibHaus normally serves street food in Västerås as the owner residences there, but they are often – not always- in Stockholm on weekends. The focus is burgers with a distinct flavor inspiration from Korea and Japan.

I only tasted Doctor Seoul, one of their signature burger, and it is a 125-gram burger with cheese, kimchi, pickled cucumbers and garlic mayonnaise. It was a journey of taste sensations that offers a bit of everything. The taste was perfect for a burger in the food truck style.

During my visit the queue was huge and the number of orders was high. The only bad side of the experience is that the bread was a bit dry and dull. But apart from that, I also had another problem with my burger: I quickly devoured it and want to have another one.

img: Photobank

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

16 Mar 2017