Educorner: Sweden’s focus on groupwork

In my first EduCorner post, I told you that we have a lot of group work in our University courses..

We have a group project almost every period. For me, since I’m in the School of Architecture and Built Environment, it is usually a development project.
So WHY do we have so many group projects here??
It’s because in the real world, you’re not going to be working alone. You’re going to be part of a team, lead a team or in someway or the other be involved in a team. So it is important to learn and understand what you’re leaning, but it also important to learn collectively and work as a group.

So when we get group projects, it teaches us to divide the work, set internal deadlines, become more organised and professional, follow up on each other and help each other whenever needed.

But it’s not just all work! Its super fun too! People you work with also become your friends. It’s fun to take an occasional fika break together, hang out and work at the same time!

Simon Paulin/

This period, I have a subject called ‘Urban Infrastructure’ where we learn about smart infrastructure management and planning. So, we had to take interviews of people who are involved in the transport planning and contraction industry.. This meant a lot of traveling and meeting new people and making new contacts!

Its always fun to work in a group. Some of us take the lead, while some of us are more timid. So when you’re in a group, you learn to balance energies and still work together.

If you’re already a student in Sweden, or if you are planning to come here to study, remember that collective development is big here in Sweden and that it’s always better to grow together! So make sure you work well with your team and participate actively so that it doesn’t end up like this….

 is not just a way to complete your projects, but also to grow and get ready for the real world!

In my next EduCorner post, I will tell you about the examinations system in Sweden!

-For now, your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off! 🙂 


Written by Supritha

02 Mar 2017