10 Essential Apps for International Students.

Smartphones are one of the things that I cannot imagine myself without. Nowadays it is possible literally to do everything with a smartphone, from buying groceries and have them delivered to your house, to teach yourself code to program a webpage. As an international student, a cellphone is probably one of the most useful tools, regardless your career choice. Why are they so useful? The answer is quite simple: because of the apps.

They come in many colors and shapes; apps are there to help us being more productive, or to connect with other people and sometimes to distract ourselves from our duties (that goes for you Instagram – by the way have you checked our Instagram account?)

I have made a list of the 10 essential apps for international students.

Here it is:

10 Essential Apps for International Students Infographic

These are just a few of the many apps that I use as a student, if you guys have any good recommendation please feel free to write it in the comments.



Written by Andrés

02 Mar 2017