5 things to pack when you move to Sweden

The new year is here, and for many of you a new adventure might soon begin. The spring semester is starting in a couple of weeks and if you are moving to Sweden to start your studies at that time, you might be packing your suitcase just now and wondering what to bring. Of course you can buy pretty much everything you might want and need in Sweden, but I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips about things you might better get in advance and bring from home.

So here is my list of essentials you need to pack when moving to Sweden.

         1. Hat, scarf, good (!) gloves

This first one might be quite obvious, yet it is worth mentioning. The first couple of month in Sweden are going to be cold, and you should be able to stay warm from the first day. While you can bring really any hat and scarf you like, I really recommend buying GOOD gloves! This might take some time, so start looking now. I made the mistake and thought the cheap and thin H&M gloves will do, but let me tell you they won’t!! Since we bike at pretty much any weather in Linköping, my hands were freezing everyday.

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I chose to buy some leather gloves, because they keep your hands dry and are quite warm (make sure they have some furry insulation inside). Nice wool gloves might be a good idea too, but whatever you buy, buy something good, you will be thankful later.


Leather gloves from “STATE OF WOW”. Costs about 45€/450 kr


       2. Portable phone charger

Smartphones do not like the Swedish cold at all and the battery dies so much faster than in warmer temperatures. Your phone might just randomly turn off at 20% or go from 60% to 10% within an hour. So be prepared and have a portable charger with you when you go out and you might need your phone.

        3.  Adapter

In Sweden we have the standard European Type F sockets. If you come from outside of Europe you might have to buy an adapter so you can use and charge all your electronic devices. You can check this website to find out if you need an adapter http://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/sweden/

        4. Books

If you are a bookworm and like to read on long cold winter days, I recommend bringing some books in your native language. If you like to read in English, you can find a small selection from the Swedish book stores, but I have to say that I am not so impressed by it. Sweden also does not have Amazon, and shipping times can thus be quite long if you order from Amazon UK or Germany. So if you want to be prepared, make some room for 2-3 nice books, or tell your parents to mail them to you in advance 😉


        5. Alcohol

If you fancy a good glass of wine in the evening or are very passionate about your authentic Mexican tequila I recommend bringing one ot two bottles, or buying it from the duty free store at the airport. Alcohol in Sweden is crazy expensive and unless you are willing to drink just any cheap booze you can find, I would really recommend bringing your favorite bottle and not having to spend a fortune on it in Sweden.

I think these are the most essential things I would like to have with me in Sweden from Day 1. Packing can be quite stressful, especially when you are leaving for a long time, but try to think about what you can just buy when you arrive (e.g. long leggings/underwear, socks, simple long-sleeves shirts etc.), and what is smarter to bring from home.

Feel free to write me with any questions you might have and have a good start in the new semester!

Have a great start,



Written by Justine

06 Jan 2017