Bucket list: Sweden Edition


Written by Supritha

22 Dec 2016

Travelling for me, and I’m sure for quite a lot of us, is a liberating experience. It’s something that we all want to do.. To put on our backpacks, take that ticket and travel all over the world and leave our worries behind. And for those of us studying in Sweden, we sure have a lot of places to go, rejuvenate and be amazed. And what better time to travel than the holiday season! So Here is my bucket-list, Sweden Edition.

1. Visby

What’s special here?

The island’s art scene, best restaurants esp. for farm fresh food and its history.

Best time to visit Visby? ↗️ Summer

Yellow and orange houses and a cobbled lane in Visby.
Photo: Pelle Sten

2. Kosterhavet

Whats special here?

Small fishing villages ↗️ surrounded by an amazingly beautiful landscape, rocky islands, bike and boat tours.

Best time to visit: Spring, fall and summer

Seals lie on rocks in the sea.
Photo: Mikael Almse

3. Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

What’s special here?

World’s largest hotel made of ice and snow. ↗️ Snowmobile excursions such as Arctic Trail that takes one through the wilderness trails of Swedish Lapland’s aboriginal people,sauna and dinner programs, ice driving, moose watching, ice sculpting, Northern Lights viewing, and dog sled safaris.

Best time to visit: Winter

A group of people stand inside the Ice Hotel.
Photo: Peter Grant/imagebank.sweden.se

4. Abisko National Park

250 km north of the Arctic Circle, ↗️ Nordic skiing, northern lights from the aurora station.

Best time: Winter

Northern Lights.
PHoto: Ulf Ohlund

5. Lapland, Over Torne-River

What’s special here?

Watching the midnight sun

Best time: Summertime in Swedish Lapland, usually between end May and mid-July.

Sunset over a lake in Sweden.

I can’t wait to tick these off my bucket list in the course of the next one and a half years 😀

-For now, your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off 🙂


Written by Supritha

22 Dec 2016