Foreigner in Sweden Everyday Awards – do you deserve one?

Life of an international student isn’t easy. But hey, I am doing a pretty good job! And sometimes I feel like celebrating myself. After all, why should the Nobel Laurates be the only ones having fun? Check out these awards to understand a little bit better this funny little Swedish life. Or maybe make some yourself, they are great for both self-esteem AND procrastination! Celebrate yourself.


Don’t be intimidated though, Sweden is not the ever-freezing land of political correctness and darkness. It’s actually a lot of fun to study here. We have cookies. Or at least Cinnamon Buns.

Oh, and feel free to ask questions about any of the intriguing aspects of Swedish life.

This post is a parody of internet famous Everyday Awards by Beth Evans.


Written by Agnieszka

12 Dec 2016