Exam Hacks : Swedish version


It’s mid-October!!! That means Halloween is right around the corner! And Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is also fast approaching!! But wait…! Before we get into festive mode, the end of October also means that it’s the exam season for us, here in Sweden 🙁

It’s hard to focus and study when there is so much happening around you. But, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.  Here are few tips and tricks to survive the exam season!

It’s a well-known fact that staying organized and taking strategic breaks are the best way to go about tackling the exam monster. I’m going to tell you few sure shot break strategies that will leave you energized and ready to work! Some are specific to Stockholm, but these can be applicable to similar places depending on where you live 🙂

  1. Puppy therapy: This is my number 1 go to ‘re-energizer’ plan! If you live anywhere in Sweden, Esp in Stockholm, you would have seen a million breeds of puppies bouncing around the streets! All you have to do, is to get out of your house, stand in a street corner, or a park close by and watch these little bundles of joy jump around 😀  and if you love animals and are not scared of dogs, then let me tell you, there’s no greater joy than rubbing the nose of a husky and seeing it cozy up to you!
source: dogster
source: dogster
  1. Walk in the park: Put on your poncho, plug in those ear plugs, blast your favorite playlist, and take a walk through a park of your choice.  Listening to ‘Coldplay’ and watching those autumn leaves fall on the ground as the breeze plays with my hair, leaves me happy, tingly and ready to get back to work!
  1. Ferry ride in Gamla Stan: For all you water babies, it’s too cold to go for a swim, but get your grove on and your SL card (The public transportation card) and hop on the Gamla Stan ferry, and  ride the waves! The ocean breeze and the view around is sure to elevate your spirits and leave you ready to hit those books!
  1. Go grocery shopping in a local farmer’s market: This might sound odd, but going to a farmer’s market and looking at those fresh vegetables and fruits and taking in the aroma of freshly cut flowers makes me instantly happy 😀 And nothing beats the energy you get after eating fresh fruits ! Munch away and get back to solving those formulas!
  1. We all go “eeeee” for Coffee: Feeling drowsy? Go to the nearest 7-Eleven and get yourself a coffee and rejuvenate yourself, cuz let’s be honest, if nothing else works, coffee is the best solution to get rid of that voice in your head that just wants you to go to bed.

So go on, and rock those exams and I will see you next week with Halloween and Diwali updates! All the best 😀

For now, your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off.


Written by Supritha

19 Oct 2016