I’m Back!

After a couple of months in Helsinki, Finland, I’m finally back in Umeå and back in business: blogging! In case you don’t remember, I’m studying a master’s degree in marketing and this is my second and final year as a business student. I actually applied, and was accepted to exchange studies in Bordeaux, France, but I decided to cancel it and stay in Sweden instead. I studied in Paris for one semester during my bachelor’s studies, so I know how it is like to live and study in France. I was also tired of moving between countries and wanted to get better with Swedish language. So here I am. And here’s an update on what’s going on in my life.


Umeå is already getting cold compared to the southern of Sweden, but in a way it feels good to be back to the school and friends I have here. Umeå is finally starting to feel like home, although I like big city life a lot. I’m planning to finalize my studies and then head somewhere else, but we’ll see what happens!

Rowan_berriesI started my final course of Swedish language at Komvux. It’s a distance course, but we have meetings about once a month. I should be more or less fluent after the course, but I still struggle with speaking Swedish. I can now read and understand almost everything, but learning to speak a foreign language is always harder than understanding it. But I’ll work this out while I’m still here. ??

Learning swedish_featuredI didn’t want to move countries, but I had to move houses. I had a one-year contract to my previous shared flat in the biggest student neighborhood, Ålidhem and had to move out during the summer. Luckily I found a room in another shared apartment quite easily from Facebook. I live now in Mariehem, a bit further away from the University and all the student activities, but it’s nice. My roommates have two cats, which was the main reason for why I wanted to move in here. I’ve wanted to have a cat for a few years now, but because of all the moving I haven’t been able to adopt one, so it’s nice to have roommates with pets. ? Atlas, the one in the picture below, spends a lot of time in my room with me.

CatMy new home is about a 10 minute walk from Nydala lake, which is awesome for taking pictures. ?

Nydala_lakeSunset_Umea Even though it’s getting colder and darker day by day, it’s okay… Now when it’s dark you can see the northern lights again! I’m not looking forward to the minus 25 celcius temperatures, it’s nice at the moment. What I am looking forward to is getting more cool pictures from the time I’ll be living up here in the north. And of course sharing them with you. 🙂


Written by Leonilla

24 Sep 2016