My favorite photos from the Campus Tour

As many of you already know, we went in a campus tour in the south of Sweden. This means that we visited not one or two but several University Campuses in the area, snapchatting, intragramming and live streaming all the way. Since you guys loooove posts about pictures, I will share with you my favorite photos from the tour, the ones that look the best and represent the place we were in.

1.Stockholm from the top of Skrapan


This was the sunrise I got to see before leaving the hotel in Stockholm to visit Stockholm University, KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm School of Economics. I can say that although it was super early, this view made everything better.

2.Liseberg, the amusement park in Gothenburg


I had so much fun there and honestly I have like two more photos in this place that I would like to share, but this one is my favorite. We got the chance to enjoy a little bit and it was the perfect timing with the lights and the night.

3.Sky in Skåne, the country side


Look at these stars! The country side was amazing and full of different experiences (people that watched the live streams will understand), but the nights we got to spend there, where we barely have light, were amazing so we could check the stars. This was 4:30 in the morning!

4. ABC kayaking


Still in the country side, I got to register ABC (check his blog posts) showing off his skills kayaking. I love being close to the water and the view was breath taking.

5.The crayfish party with a view


I’ve had a crayfish party before that and will have others to come, I’m sure. But none of them was or will be with this view. The food was amazing  (I basically finished all the crayfish haha), we sang some swedish songs and THE VIEW OH MY GOD.

6.The sunsets while we were in the road


Summer sunsets in Sweden are jus……. amazing. Everyday we were in the road it will be in the golden hour, the time that the sun decides to go down to give the night a chance, and everyday it was a competition between the sunsets to see which one it was going to be more beautiful. This one won in my opinion.

Hope you guys liked the Campus Tour as much as I did and enjoyed this post too!


Written by Marina

08 Sep 2016