GöteborgVarvet: 21 km race in 21 photos

During my first year of master’s in Göteborg I declined the race, but I wasn’t going to repeat that mistake during my second year.

I paid 595 kr for a half-marathon and it was totally worth it. #yolo!

When I first heard about the race I was highly skeptical (come on, who would pay that much for “nothing”). After some motivations from my girlfriend, we decided to sign up for the 2016 race. It was set on 21 of May, which coincides with my mother’s birthday.

I was super-duper impressed by the general physical fitness level of the Swedish society. People from all age groups were kicking ass during the race.

The race was a way (with strong economic incentive) to keep me active through the dark winter. I have never ran a half-marathon before, and you can say the race was on my bucket list.

I saw a person with physical disability running, limping through the 21k – that was the most moving thing!

I am not particularly fit nor unfit. I usually run 5 km and not more. It took a few month to build the “foundation”, getting comfortable with 5k before moving onto 10k.

From there, I began running 13k, then 16k… and 18k.

Suddenly school got busy and I dropped training all together during April/May. So the Wednesday before my Saturday race, I ran a “practice” 21k. It is not recommended. I suffered greatly during the “practice run” – mostly due to hunger and dehydration. Post-practice, my legs were aching and I thought I would never complete the real race!

At the starting line! There are more than 25 groups of runners. Groups are arranged based on your pace. Each group contains ca. 3000 people!


First we did 2km in Slottskogen park, and once you are warmed up… here comes the uphill.IMG_8330

Everyone was feeling great during the first 5k, but the uphill wasn’t so kind. After the first major “hill” then comes the first bridge across the Göta river.IMG_8335

I loved the atmosphere of the race! Everyone was cheering. There were plenty of live band and loud music!IMG_8337

Yes! Finally some downhill!IMG_8338

Eriksberg, the upcoming neighbourhood at the site of an old ship repair yard.IMG_8340

Water water water! Needless to say the importance of staying hydrated. There was a water/gatorade station every 1.5km.

Just don’t drink too much, then you have to pee (#ProTip)!IMG_8347

Lindholmen Science Park: some guy pretending to be a coach! IMG_8353

15km: the struggle is becoming more apparent now.IMG_8357

The second bridge, taking you back to the south side of the river.IMG_8359IMG_8360

Towards the Avenyn, the main street of Göteborg.IMG_8364

18km: Götaplasten! U-turn at the Poseidon statue.IMG_8365

19km: vision becoming blurry –> VasaplastenIMG_8373

20km: towards the park and the finishing line is insight!IMG_8374

the struggle is so real now!IMG_8375

50 more meters to go!IMG_8376

…and across the finish line!!! IMG_8379

Don’t forget to collect your metal! IMG_8384

But more importantly don’t forget to collect your banana and chocolate!IMG_8386

See you at the 2017 race!




Written by Gimmy

01 Jul 2016