Summer in Umeå

Most students here in the north travel home for the summer and Umeå feels rather empty and quiet at the moment. I’ll stay for a couple of weeks more before going. I’m still studying Swedish as a second language and although it is a distance course, it feels like it’s easier to concentrate here now when there are not too many things going on. And the university library is still open every day! I wanted to show you how the summer looks like here in the north, I hope you’ll like it!


The city center is rather empty for most of the time. Though Swedes enjoy drinking and eating outdoors on terraces when it’s warm and sunny.

Umeå kopia
People enjoying the last school days in front of the business school when it was really warm and sunny.
Umeå-3 kopia
The sun doesn’t really set here anymore. I took this picture at 1 AM when the night was darkest. We get to experience both the most dark during the winter and most sun during the summer. Some people have trouble sleeping during the summer nights, but I love having a lot of sunlight.
Umeå-2 kopia
We do have flowers here in the north too!Umeå-3Umeå-4Umeå-5
Umeå-4 kopia
The weather gets more or less warm, but it’s definitely cooler than in the southern Sweden. We’ve had a number of days with close to +25 C, but for most of the time it has been between 10 and 20 degrees. It should get warmer in July and August though.
Architecture in Umeå: old wooden houses mixed with modern buildings.Umeå-2Umeå-10Umeå-12
There are a number of parks in the city center of Umeå, this one is called Vänortsparken, I think it’s the prettiest one!

You might have seen this fact on our Instagram, but I want to share it here too: Umeå is also called the city of birches. Parts of the city burned down in 1888 and when it was rebuilt, birches were planted along the city avenues to keep fires from spreading in the future. The city streets are still bordered by birch tees.

How is the summer like in where you live? Let me know at the comments. 🙂


Written by Leonilla

13 Jun 2016