My 10 months in Sweden

Another post about months, but this time I will try to summarize each month I spent in Sweden and tell you a little bit about what was happening at the time. I hope you guys like it.

First month in Sweden, everything was so new and exciting. I didn’t start class back then so I had free time to buy all I needed, to go visit the touristic places and to get used to a different country. This month I experienced my firsts mistakes inside the culture (like not knowing that there was a line for the bus hehe) and learned with them!


Class started and it felt so good! Having my first classes really confirmed that I chose the right programme, the right place and the right time to come. I also met a lot of my friends in class and we started to go out together to check the nations (check this post!). I was feeling very comfortable although I still missed home a lot.

Experiencing fall was amazing. I have never seen so bright orange leaves in my life! The swedish course was amazing and I was having sa lot of fun. We also started new courses and that makes things more exciting, except the fact that I was having Statistics, that really sucked, but besides that I was enjoying the city and meeting new people every single day.

The darkness started and the cold came together. This was the month that I saw snow for the first time, remember? I was super excited that I could finally experience the snow. Little did I know that it was coming with a lot of complications, like having to take vitamin D, wearing several layers of clothes and being cold constantly. At this point, I wasn’t very happy about my Statistic course (because I hate math) and the absence of the family was affecting me a lot!

Saw snow falling for the first time and it was magical! Also, we finally had a brek from the studies and my sister came to visit and spend Christmas with me. We had a lot of fun in Sweden but we also traveled to Finland, Estonia and Russia, besides ice skating and going to viking restaurants too. My sister coming got me a little bit more of energy to continue this amazing experience, so visit from the family is definetly a must!

Still very cold, still very dark. But as I said, I renewed my energy and was feeling good! Coming back from the holidays I set up a close group of friends that I would hang out all the time and that felt really good! Also, the Statistic course was finished and I got to chose my first elective courses, which was super interesting since I was in charge of that.

It was still cold. But the weather was a little bit crazy, like out of nowhere we would have a snow storm and then it was over, for example. This month I had a Brazilian party at my place and invited all of my friends, I had such a good time! The new courses had started and I figured out that having to choose your own courses is a very hard task, since you really have to analize if you want to do that course, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.

In this month the weather changing was crazy. You had to be prepared for every type of weather you can imagine. But the thin rain was a pain! I could remove some layers but really think about the fact that it could rain at any point. Class was doing great, since I was finishing two courses and starting other two in the next month.

Aah a hint of good weather finally! We did have some cold days though. But besides hanging out with my friends a lot, I wasn’t doing too much. I was really busy with class and had to focus 100% on that. We did had Valborg in the end of the month and that changed the mood! The city was crazy, full of people and with a lot of parties and events. I have never seen the town so busy, it was awesome!

I have to admit, that the weather impressed me. I did not know that Sweden could be this hot! This month was very complicated in the sense that the good weather got me thinking about summer and vacation, but I was having my final exams so it was very tricky to handle all of that. I spend most of my days complaining that I wanted to go to Brazil already and have time off while I was writing 4000 words for exams.

These were my 10 months in Sweden. Now that I’m in Brazil, I keep thinking about there and realizing how much is part of me now, something that it will always be there.I also got my ticket back already and in the beginning of August, I will be there ready to experience more months in this amazing country.

Credits: Ola Ericson/


Written by Marina

13 Jun 2016