Some Swedish laughs!

Scouting the internet for Swedish humor in English wasn’t the easiest task, but I think the following assortment of short videos showcase the Swedish sense of humor quite well! It has been one of those things that has grown on me, were similar to the Jan Stenmark post I wrote a couple of weeks back.

1. My Name is Luka

My friend introduced me to these prank calls which were quite a big deal when he was growing up in the 90s! Most of them were in Swedish but in this one, the prankster just recites the lyrics from the song Luka in a heavy Swedish accent.

2. Swedishness

This is a funny take on Sweden with a special appearance from the ex-Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who was in office when the video was made.

3. Meloldifestivalen shenanigans

Was kind of predictable but laughed when I saw this one! Think it captures the Swedish self-depreciating sense of humor quite well.

4. Johan Glans

Another casual evening with a Swedish Standup comedian.


Written by Raghuraman

02 Jun 2016