Let’s “HIPST” it up! #HipsterLifeinStockholm PART 1 – Getting a haircut at a bar

The dynamic duo of Hong and Alex has been talking about having their own talkshow for such a long time but nothing was really happening. Thank god, these two lazy-ass bloggers have finally taken actions on this weekend. So there you go, the duo has just uploaded the very first episode of Honglex, a serial video show talking about #HipsterLifeinStockholm. Go and have a look how Hong got his haircut at a bar when he is a little bit tipsy.


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Oh one more thing, please tell us what kind of topics and things you want HONGLEX to discuss and explore by commenting on this post. We would appreciate it a lot and try to make episodes out of your questions. Stay tuned, the next one is coming soon 😉


Bye girls.. Hong xoxo

(Photo credits: Alex the blogger, Giphy)


Written by Hong

29 May 2016