Good Weather in Sweden: Essentials

After experience a sudden and extreme weather change while here in Sweden, I thought about doing another post about the weather, because come on haha Today, I will talk about the essentials, so I will give you a list of things that are mandatory when you have a good weather in Sweden.

  • Picnic Towel

Put it on top, because the fact that I don’t have one became a problem with this hot weather. Everyone is going outside to have picnics, or to lay down in the grass and chill. So of course, that occurred me and that I’ve been invited to picnics quite frequently. Having a picnic towel is a must.

  • Frisbie

The ultimate sport for a hot weather, apparently. Every park that I go, I see frisbies floating around, with a big group of people, or just two, or one and a dog. So it doesn’t matter, having a frisbie is crucial. Also, it is a good idea to play with one if you are those people that can’t sit down and do nothing because you get bored, right?

  • Grill

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to grill: vegetables, meat or even hit up some s’mores, you just need to have the grill. It can be a big one or just a small one, the idea is just that you can carry it around to the place where you will meet your friends.

  • Shorts or bikinis

It’s allowed. Must admit that I spent so many months seeing people with five layers of clothes that I kind of forgot that they have legs and now is so weird to see so many legs out there, exposed, getting some tan and walking around town. Also, bikinis are allowed, even if you are just in a park next to your university building, with no lake, pool or beach near you.

  • Ice cream

A MUST. Not only because I love it, but also because it is the only thing I see people eating now. Swedish diet has come to one single component, which is ice cream. You have so many options and everywhere you can go, like supermarkets or the school cafeteria, the ice creams and popsicles are displayed right in front so you can grab it and refresh a little bit from the sun. I can totally adapt to that.

The good weather is amazing and I’m super impressed that Sweden can get this hot. Having the sun is still something that makes everyone happy, smiley and out in town. And this is only spring, so I can only imagine that summer in Sweden must be amazing.

Credits: Simon Paulin/


Written by Marina

24 May 2016