Swedish Inventions

A few Swedish inventions for you! I always say that Swedish people think about everything and always have a way out from a problem. So I decided to give you a list of very important things that were invented by swedish people and trust me, you should be very thankful for some of these inventions.


A swedish chemist was experimenting with the explosive nitroglycerin in 1867. By accidentally broking a bottle of this chemical and mixing it with the material protecting the bottles, he found out the same effect but less dangerous to handle than nitroglycerin by itself. The dynamite was discovered and with the money the chemist made he created a very important foundation with a more important prize. His name was Alfred Nobel.

The adjustable spanner

Maudit charlie chaplin modern times
Something very common in our lives, used everywhere in the world and that we would probably not live without. In 1892, J. P. Johansson invented the adjustable spanner, tha by its name you know that the tool can be adjusted for screw nuts of different sizes. Its like having a bunch of tools in only one. Swedish people making our lives easier.

Celsius Temperature Scale

The Celsius scale was created by Anders Celsius in 1742 in Uppsala! Yes, he was a mathematician, a physicist and an astronomer that was a little bit annoyed with the fact that there were 30 different ways to measure temperature at the time. So he decided to create his own and today is the scale that is used by most countries in the world. (Additional fact: you can visit Celsius grave in Gamla Uppsala!)

Three Point Seatbelt

queen latifah buckle up safety taxi seatbelt
Todays is a mandatory requirement in every vehicle, everywhere in the world, the three point seatbelt was created by Nils Bohlin, a safety engineer, in 1959 for Volvo. The seatbelt has a Y shape to spread the energy across a moving body when it colides in an accident and saves around one life in every SIX minutes. So, be thankful to Sweden.

The Zipper

Honestly, what would we do without this? Although the patent for a zipper was obtained by an American, the first prototype used for practical purposes was made by two Swedes! Peter A. Aronsson and Gideon Sundbäck managed to create the zipper in 1913 and, besides the fact that today zippers can also be made of plastics, the model has been used ever since without any changes.

Now you know a little bit of the things that were invented by Swedes! Hope you liked it 😀


Written by Marina

02 May 2016