Kindness Mission from Strangers to a Stranger

I left home from a party without my bag, phone and wallet.  My wallet contains my ID, bank cards, work ID and money – everything gone over an instant.

The night couldn’t be more perfect. Dancing away and having a really good time. I was at a private event held at a rented function center. There were lots of people, mostly strangers to me. My friend gave me a ride home. I had my keys in my jacket but at this instant, I felt an emptiness and realize I didn’t have my bag with me. I couldn’t return to party as it was a 30 minute drive back and my friend had already driven off.

I panicked, I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. Setting frantic state aside, I need to plan my next move. 

Amidst all the chaotic thoughts, I went online and found a mobile number linked to the function center. Thankfully, I left my work phone at home. It was 2 am, I called the number and a Swedish lady picked up. I actually didn’t expect anyone to answer the phone at this hour. As I was panicking, I didn’t remember her name. She is the owner of the function center but she wasn’t there and wasn’t involved in the event as the venue rental was handled by an agency.

This kind lady didn’t hesitate to help and even offered to drive down from her home to check if my bag was still there. She said she would call the agent and get back to me.

At 2am, the kind lady returned my call and said the person from the agency managed to contact Amanda who had rented the venue.

Amanda was still at the party and she went around to search for my bag and found it! It was sitting there by the bar counter. Amanda returned the call to person from the agency who then contacted the kind lady and the kind lady called me back and put me in touch with Amanda.

After speaking with Amanda, she realized that I lived in another kommun. Amanda tried to find her friends at the party who live in the same kommun as me so that I don’t have travel all the way back, especially I don’t have a car and the venue was quite inaccessible without driving. She managed to find Kavita and passed me her contact. At this point, all my worries about my phone, IDs and bank cards literally eased away.

Kavita gave me her address so that I could pick up my bag from her place the next day. So I did and thanked her profusely and we even had fika at her place. I reunited with my bag with everything in tact!  Very thankful and grateful to the wonderful strangers who didn’t hesitate to help me, another stranger along the way, even at those late hours.

Special thanks to the kind lady, the person from the agency, Amanda, Amanda’s friends and Kavita.


Written by Angelina

30 Apr 2016