Sailing Away: Swedish Startups to Work After The Graduation

Sweden is one of the Europe’s biggest hubs for technology startups. Especially, Stockholm is home to gigantic billion-dollar companies and small startups working on some thought-provoking and attention-grabbing ideas.

I have ranked some of Sweden’s technology companies according to my desire to work for them after graduation. I hope the blog post also inspires you about which adventures you can join after your graduation.

5) Tictail embraces independent businesses to sell their products online.

Tictail helps small companies sell their items online without a huge burden. Customers can shop to find products from independent brands and local vendors that wouldn’t have otherwise had an online presence. Now, we are living in an age in which big corporations dominate the market. However, Tictail allows small players to exist.

4) Mojang = Minecraft

Mojang is the Swedish game development studio that’s famous for its one smash hit game: “Minecraft.”

I am not a big fan of computer games however I am well-informed about the trend. The easy-to-play block-building and adventure game was an instant hit, especially with children. If you make a quick search on Youtube, you may see how fun it is.

3) iZettle lets businesses take card payments.

iZettle is a mobile app and card reader that allows businesses to accept payments on their phone and tablet, just like Square does in the US. Different resources claim that iZettle is more developed and different than Square, because it supports chip and pin technology. When you are buying a falafel wrap from a street vendor or paying for your coffee in a flea market, you will definitely encounters with a iZettle pin pad connected to a smart device.

2) Spotify basically means music.

Spotify, the world’s biggest streaming site according to the number of users, has its head office in Stockholm.

For me, Spotify represents my life and my spiritual adventures through the good music. I am using Spotify since the beginning; and to be honest, it is not only a hit in Sweden, but all around the Europe. The streaming service was started its operation in 2006, and now it has millions users around the world.

If you want to see Spotify experience, you may want to check the blog post I have shared before.Klarna lets customers buy items online with just one click without any credit card information.

1) Klarna lets customers buy items online with just one click without any credit card information.

Klarna, is a payment platform that makes online checkouts very simple for customers. Online shopping is a huge trend all around the world because of massive penetration of information technologies.

The official website explains how the system works: To pay for an item, customers just drop an item into their online shopping cart, click the pay button, and then enter their email address and postcode. It may sound a little bit unsecured if you don’t use an password, however it is the key point of the system. After receiving your order, you are asked to add your payment details to the order which saves you against wrong and untrue deliveries.

Klarna is huge in Sweden. According to different resources, 30% of all online purchases in the country take place through its service. I am also using the platform for fast and secure online shopping.

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

22 Mar 2016