5 things I have in common with Sweden


Written by Marina

16 Feb 2016

Before coming here, I should say to you that I never really thought about how I would be similar to Sweden and the typical behavior here. But after thinking a little bit, I realized that we do have some similarities and that’s not only cool, but at the same time makes me think how funny will it be when I come back to Brazil! hehe

Time for you to know a little bit about me and also a little bit about Sweden!

  1. Respect above everything

If there’s a rule for me is: you can have your opinion, but in order for you to have your opinion respected, you should respect others too. And here in Sweden is exactly like that! Even though people are different and have different opinions about every single subject you can think about, you will always end with something like “I agree to disagree” and everything is ok. It is really good to be in a place like this.

  1. We <3 nature

Whenever I am, you can see myself taking pictures of what is around me or just being outside, connecting with mother nature. That is my thing. And here in Sweden I not only get to be surrounded by a very different but still breathtaking nature, as I feel like I’m taking care of something that I really like. Here, we recycle our garbage, cycle and do other different things to keep the planet health. How amazing is that?

  1. Be on time!

Oh my God, guys. This is my favorite. I’m those kind of people that are ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS get to the places 10 minutes earlier and that would ALWAYS leave home with a very good amount of time “just in case” for all the “what ifs” that I can think of. And here in Sweden, being on time is a thing. For everything! Classes, meetings, appointments, informal meetings with friends and even parties! So much love for this country.

  1. Food (and candy) is our thing

I always say for people that I just met: “Don’t offer me food unless you really want to share, because I will say yes”. I never say no to food, it’s just how I live my life. And Sweden is an amazing place because the food is not only delicious, but they have special days to celebrate food! So you have a day to eat kanelbullar for example and you don’t even have to feel guilty about it (I never do but you got me). How amazing is that?

  1. No shoes needed

Back in Brazil, my mom would tell me every single day “why are you barefoot? Put your havaianas now!”, but I just like to take my shoes off and be free. And here, this is not only cool but it’s mandatory to take off your shoes whenever your home or at somebody else’s home. It is a form to respect the house and don’t bring dirt inside. For me is comfortable and fun hehe

 Did you also got something in common with Sweden from the list? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Marina

16 Feb 2016