Kappahl Sustainable Design Contest

Textile and fashion students out there…

Kappahl is running a Sustainability Design Contest which runs from 25 January to 27 March 2016. This contest is open to textile and fashion students in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. The winner gets the opportunity to realize his or her idea with Kappahl’s design team and a trip to any of Kappahl’s production countries with the theme of sustainable production, worth 25,000 SEK.

The contest can be written in English or Swedish. For students who are interested in taking part in the sustainable design contest, check out the video below and for further information and requirements about the contest, visit Kappahl’s website.

Why care about sustainable fashion

According to Greenpeace, one of the major sources of pollution is the fashion industry. We also also aware of human rights exploitation in the textiles and fashion industry such as child labor, not fulfilling the minimum wage requirements, workers working in harmful environments and the list goes on. Not forgetting the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that took the lives of 1,129 workers in 2013, something which can be and should be prevented.

Big companies have a big role and responsibility to be more sustainable. I’m glad to see big companies taking concrete actions towards sustainability, with production that respect the people and the environment. As consumers, we can also play our part and make the right choices.

Image credits: Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se


Written by Angelina

30 Jan 2016