Tips for the application process!

So, I asked you guys in my last post if you would like me to say something about the application process and some tips I can give with my experience. You guys loved the idea, so here I am to write a little bit about that.

The first thing you need to know is: the application process is stressful for everyone. I don’t know anyone that really wanted a place in a course that was super chill while doing the application. It is stressful, sometimes hard to understand and will definitely take some of your sleep hours. So, believe me, everyone is going through the same as you! Next, don’t be afraid to check everything two or three times. You’re not being paranoid. You are guaranteeing your place in an amazing course in one of the best countries to live. So you HAVE to check everything more than once to get what you want.

Now for some tips:

  • Read the requirements for your application as soon as possible. Please, don’t leave it for the last minute, this will only make you more anxious and for sure rise your chances to do something wrong. So, take your time, read as many times as you want, send emails to departments and everyone that can help you with that (even us)
  • Be organized! Make sure to save all of the documents you need in a specific folder, save it in your email in case something goes wrong with your computer for example. This will make you more confident that you have the documents and that they will be there when you need to send them.
  • Check the course year that you are looking. Sometimes the requirements will change and you don’t want to do it like me and realize you are checking an old page when you have a month for the application.
  • Make sure to get everything you need translated. As an international student, generally, the university will ask for the original document and the translated version too, so you need to find someone to do the job, need to have everything digitalized so you can send and don’t worry about this anymore.
  • Another tip from my experience: worry, but don’t go crazy if something goes wrong with the universityadmissions website (the website where you apply to any Swedish University). I had a little problem with some of my documents that were not showing, the website warned me too late about that (missed one deadline) and I freaked out! But as soon as I contact them they said that I could send again (this time by regular mail). And here I am.

So just to be safe, in the end you do need to worry and stress a little bit, after all this is something that you really want to do. But keep in mind that if you are organized, have the time and pay attention to the information that is given, you don’t need to freak out and think that nothing will go right. I am here, after a lot of problems, as a living proof that time, organization, patience and just a little bit of stress is a good combination to go through the application process and study in Sweden.


Written by Marina

25 Jan 2016