Be Like A Swede

Probably, you have already came across with the new internet sensation, Be Like Bill. Posts about Bill’s choice and life have became a huge trend on Facebook and other social media channels since the beginning of the year.

The posts I have encountered compelled me to think how I would present A Swede with the same type of post form. Hereby, I have prepared a few of Be Like A  Swede posts for you. All of stories told in the posts are based on true stories I have been in during 5 months.

Be like a swede

If you are curious about queueing culture in Sweden, visit Elka’s blog post.

Be like a swede

Winter can be surprising for some of you. Here, you can read Marina’s first snow experience!

Be like a swedeFika is a religion in Sweden. Curious more? Check my previous post here.

Be like a swedeI cannot say so much thing about Football celebrities however if you are into celebrities, you can read more about the Yoda of Data!

Be like a swedeIf you are curios about winter tips, this post is for you!Be like a swedeIf you are curious about fun facts and bizarre situations  about Swedes and Sweden, you can take a look Fun Facts-1 and Fun Facts-2 or you can Swedify yourself.

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

23 Jan 2016