Finding Your Master Thesis


As a part of your graduation requirement (master’s degree = 120 credits), you need to submit, present & defend your thesis.

The master thesis can last either half a year (30 credits) or a full year (60 credits). They are typically 30-credits.

Thesis can be your gateway to a full-time position. (Need inspirations for topics? Follow Angelina’s guru guideline!)


Here is a brief timeline I followed to find a master’s thesis:

Feb-March (year 1 of studies)

You will have a lot of guest lecturers. Chat up the ones you like/find interesting. Get their contact info and ask if there are summer internship possibilities.

It is probably too early to decide what you will do your thesis on. Nevertheless, start looking and be proactive!


I contacted a guest lecturer. I tried to set something up for the summer. However, her work got too busy and then summer vacation rolled in.

September (year 2/ final year)

We re-established contact and chatted about thesis opportunities. Sadly it didn’t work out.


Chalmers hosted a Master’s thesis night. There is ample of thesis opportunities. (See 2016 Applied Mechanics list by googling “Chalmers Applied Mechanics Thesis” at the end of the blog.)


Så… I applied to multiple interesting theses… Had a few phone interviews.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 8.06.27 PM

Figure above: Screenshot from ÅF degree projects webpage.

Some applications are done online (like this ÅF one)…some are done through emailing (cover letter, resume… definitely no grades, for me at least)


Got an “OK” from one of the thesis supervisors! The response was pretty fast. All the other application’s responses were very slow. Since we didn’t want to risk it, accepted the offer!

Let the paperwork begin


Formalizing things with the school, formalizing things with the company, formalizing things between company and school (legal stuff)


Still finalizing paperwork…

General tips:

  • Be proactive! Start your search early.
  • Try to do the thesis with a partner (someone you trust). In case you screw up, you can blame your partner. (joking). I think it is more fun/less lonely.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find anything. Majority of the people find their thesis through the Thesis Night in October.
  • It is just a Master’s thesis. It is probably not going to win any Nobel prizes. Having the right attitude is important.
  • Don’t devote all your life into a thesis, and make sure you spare some time and energy to look for job after graduation too.
  • You might disagree with my last point and the next one, but I am pragmatic.
  • I prioritize thesis with possibility of working fulltime afterwards; interest level in thesis topic comes second place.
  • Act fast!
  • Don’t take all month to decide which topic to apply for. Apply as quick as you can!
  • Applications from all the students will be pilling in, and you don’t want yours to be read last.
  • Also, paperwork takes a long time.

Will keep you posted with further updates!



Listed Topics From 2016 Applied Mechanics at Chalmers:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.45.37 PM

Written by Gimmy

18 Jan 2016