4 Funny Steps to Swedify Yourself

Being a local… I am pretty sure that no one in the world really knows what it means. Everybody I met tried to make a proper description for “being a local”, however they always failed. Therefore I will not try to be so sophisticated to define what “being a local” means. Here, you can find “true but also droll” ways to “swedify” yourself.

1)      Language is critical. So be aware of how locals talk. You have to start using interjecting words such as “mmmm”, “aaaah”, “jahaaaaa” or “oy-doh”. In the beginning, you feel that you are in a Simpson episode and Homer is speaking. Later, you adapt those funny sounds.

2)      God sake! Swedes LOVE sweet things. You can find any type of desserts anytime, anywhere. Kanelbulle, Prinsesstårta, Äppelkaka or more will be your favorite for the rest of your life. So be prepared to gain a few kilos and be ready for foodgasm.

However, I advise you to stay away from Tyrkisk Peber candy. I do not know why it called as “Turkish pepper”, however we do not eat those kind of things back in Turkey.

3)      Every language has its own unique words. However you should be prepared to use words like “bra” (good), “fart” (speed) or “slut”(end).

4)      You should also change your way of fun. When you come to Sweden to study, your pastime will be sitting in a super hot sauna with friends and then jumping into the icy water.

Congratulations. You are more Swedish than before: )

image: Sofia Sabel

Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

06 Jan 2016