Swedish Winter Wonderland

I feel like the only thing I post about is snow. But I can’t help it, it is still something so new and different for me, that I still check everyday the weather forecast to see if there’s a little bit of chance to snow. So here I am again, with a selection of photos from today, all about snow.


This time I went out for a hike close to my place and took my camera with me. The snow fell yesterday night and I freaked out when I saw it falling for the first time, is truly magical to see. Anyways, me and sister dressed up for the cold and went out for the middle of the forest.


Must say that we almost lost our toes due to the cold. One pair of socks and the boots were not enough for -4ºC! But it was worth it. The landscapes, the snow on the trees, the white pathways that none have stepped yet, the blue sky and the sun out. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life! The combination of sun and snow is perfect, but don’t be fooled by the bright yellow sun, it was super super cold!


I am feeling so happy and satisfied. This is what I’ve been waiting: winter with snow! I knew that coming to Sweden I would see things that I have never seen before and this was so much better than my expectations. Also, I really wanted my sister to see snow for the first time (like I did! :D) and it was amazing to give her this opportunity.  We finished the hiking with an amazing sunset at 14:30 (hehe) and feeling super grateful to mother nature for the amazing view from today.


Written by Marina

28 Dec 2015