Being a girl in Sweden is awesome!

I don’t think it is a new subject, but when it comes to gender equality, Sweden is a model to follow. Here, they try their best to achieve environments where woman and man have the same rights, same obligations and everything equal that you can think about. So it is not only giving girls the power they deserve, but make it equal compared with the men. Exactly what we wanted right?The Swedish equality thing started in 1970 when that was a boom in schools constructions, so this meant that woman were no longer at home all the time, changing the swedish socitey concept forever: now both woman and man had to share the responsability of taking care of the home and the children. This means that there was no longer such a thing as “a woman’s job” and the man would help cleaning and cooking as well.

In Sweden, the companies are also in favour of gender equality, especially the ones especialized in technology, since they are open to hire woman and create a equal environment where both man and woman work the same way. Also, there’s no such thing as “take it easy” on the job because it is a woman, here everything is equal.Since I came here I not only feel the power I have, but at the same time I can see the equality. So yes, Sweden is an amaing place to be a girl, but especially to be equal, to feel that there is no such a thing as “this is for woman or “this is for man”. Here, everyone is the same, capable of the same things and this is awesome!

Photo: Aline Lessner/

Written by Marina

17 Nov 2015