First Impressions of Sweden

This is my first post! YAY!
Everytime you go to a new place you have expectations and when you get there you figure out your first impressions and the first view is always a shock. I’m starting my third month living in Sweden now, so everything is still very new and exciting. My first impressions of the country, the culture and the people are still fresh on my mind and I decided to share them with you.

Smiles everywhereOne of the things I heard a lot about before coming to Sweden is that people are cold here. So imagine my suprise when I was walking alone on the streets and found strangers smiling and saying “Hej!” to me out of nowhere. Swedes are very polite people, so be prepared to say “Hello” on the streets and smile to people you don’t know.

Everything worksHere, the buses have a time to arrive and leave. You can download an app and see the time of the bus, the stop and how long it will take for you to get to your destination. Besides that, supermarkets, stores and banks, they all have an efficient, especial and simple way of working and dealing with their clients. Everything is very organized and if you have a problem, they are prepared to deal with it.

Nothing is perfectWhen people from Brazil think about Europe, they always think things are going to be perfect all the time. However that is not the case. Right now Sweden is dealing with the refugee situation for example and yes, there is people that do not respect the traffic laws, racism and other problems. You have to remember that every country has their strugles and that should not stop you from going there. Obviously, not everyone is like that, you just have to keep it real.

Beautiful constrastsNature is my favorite thing ever, but I love the city too. Here, when you look to your right, you will see old historical buildings, when you look to your left, you will see modern constructions. On one side, there are very busy highways and one the other, fields and forests. A beautiful, balanced contrast where you have eveything you can wish for.

These are my first impressions and I’m already in love with Sweden! But as I said, these are my first few months here, I bet some of these impressions are going to stay and others will change. The important for me, is to remain open minded to all of these new experiences so I can enjoy all of my moments here.

Written by Marina

16 Oct 2015