Holidays: Relax or Re-do Exams?

Sitting on my flight, the ten-year-old Danish boy next to me just chugged down a cup of black coffee. 

…I call that a culture shock.

I was in England over the Labour Day weekend visiting a comrade. It coincided with the birth of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Congratulations to the British royal family.

The Swedes are quite indifferent toward the Swedish royal family.

I had the impression the Brits are crazy about the monarch. Sure, we celebrated…we were probably the only ones celebrating… Tourists.

The UK weather is an interesting mix of constant sunshine, drizzles, and wind. Temperature was hovering around 12C. Having gotten used to the Swedish weather, I have forgotten that the sun used to radiate heat. 10C weather in May is perfectly normal. My friend was lamenting about the temperature in Milan being in the 30s.

I wear the same jeans and GoreTex jacket all year-round… I actually forgot what it feels like to walk around in shorts.

Beach weather!

I started contemplating summer plans. Despite water separating the Scandinavian Peninsula from mainland Europe, it is still incredibly convenient (and cheap! to travel by air, water, land…) I thought of doing an EuroTrip… a different kind, instead of touring cities, I want to explore the countryside – hike the mountains and camp in the wild. Maybe I’ll rent a Vespa and cruise along the sun-baked coastline of Italy…or…..


OR maybe I will do my exams!

What’s really neat about Chalmers (and probably other schools too) is that you have the freedom to choose when to write your exams. The idea is to take the pressure off of the students. It is also a common practice to write an exam on several occasions in effort to improve marks.

Screenshot 2015-05-04 18.35.51

Figure: examination for this semester take place from end of May to beginning of June…

I feel a bit overwhelmed by school and other course work. I am considering the option of skipping the exams held in the beginning of June, and write them in mid-August instead, when I have time to prepare.

Screenshot 2015-05-04 18.35.38

 Figure: if you don’t feel like you are ready, take the liberty of doing it during the summer instead!




Written by Gimmy

04 May 2015