Sun’s out, Grill’s out but behold the BBQ culture clash

Nothing beats having BBQ on a warm and sunny day right here in our backyard. Swedes love BBQ in this weather, I smell grill literally everywhere I go. Act fast! Grilled burgers are so popular that burger buns were already sold out in the supermarkets by mid afternoon. The shop assistant said the burger buns had just arrived in the morning but was already wiped out by afternoon. My housemate and I refused to give up. There are a few groceries stores around so there’s still hope. With our determination to grill, we finally hunted down the last packet of burger buns.

Back in Singapore, we like to BBQ chicken wings and seafood and glazed with butter and honey. We also use homemade soy sauce based marinade for the meat. In Sweden, it’s more about grilling red meat with the packet marinade rub, can be in powder or sauce, available in different flavors in the supermarkets.  The ‘Allround Glaze’ is a popular marinade and glaze. Back home, most of us use charcoal with manual fire starters. In Sweden, the electric grill lighter is commonly used instead.

Different cultures mean different styles of preparation, marinade and glaze. We both want to do it our way but craving and hunger drive us to reach a quick resolution: Fusion. The results: beautiful caramelized tender steak, juicy burger, bursting with flavors. Fusion leads to surprises. There’s no turning back when we are exposed to the best of both worlds. It’s like when my Hungarian friend introduced me his beer infused cherry tomatoes grill in a tin can. You grill until most beer gets evaporated. That taste stays with me. Going forward, we will grill the fusion way.

6 pm. Still bright and sunny. The two of us grilled 4 burgers, 2 steaks, along with corn, cheese and salad for our dinner. #TotalSatisfaction. Now it’s our turn to contribute the amazing BBQ aroma in the neighborhood.


Written by Angelina

28 Apr 2015